By the time I did the More to Life training in 1996, I was a speech therapist,Wendy Hendlerrunning two private practices. Attending the weekend was a turning point in my life. I let go of some massive resentments and began to reclaim my life. I knew then that I had been gifted with work of profound significance for myself and others.

Since 1997 I have been an active mentor and have run over a hundred courses on the Power of Self Esteem, the Power of Purpose and the Power of Connection. I became a More to Life coach in 2009 and coaching has my heart and soul. I am most alive and most me when I am coaching and running courses. I am blessed with a G-d given ‘for-ness’ for people and love being a partner in people’s search for and attainment of excellence and greatness. I believe in people’s innate capacity to discover and express their deepest and most noble selves in the choices they make.

I am a qualified Logotherapist and use Viktor Frank’s meaning based psychotherapy to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives and in their struggles. As a rabbi’s wife, mother, grandmother, sister and community leader I bring the More to Life work into every facet of my life. I hope that the ripples I send out into the world will touch lives and contribute towards creating a world inheritable by my grandchildren

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