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Ann McMaster on living a fulfilled life NOW




“We want to live our lives full of love, happiness, freedom and inner peace. To be aware and awake to life and its opportunities. More to Life showed me a way of life that is helping me do that. I hope you’ll share this gift with your family and friends.” – Jonathan 

"If it changes your life, let it"



“The question I have been facing is “who would I be if I wasn’t afraid”? My intention is simply that – to live freely without the fears and self-imposed limitations. And so I ask you, who would you be if you weren’t afraid? And what choices can you make to banish the fear?” – Eliana


Pass on the gift

“Sometime in your life somebody conquered their mindtalk and they told the truth that “I care about you and want to pass on an invaluable gift I was given”

The offering now is to pass on the gift – to somebody you care about it and want to offer them the tools to live the life they were born to live and have more joy, peace and power.

With love, honour, respect

Eliana, Jamie, Pam, Martin”


“Dear fellow More to Lifers

I think back to when I did the More to Life weekend 7 years ago. It changed my life. It changed the direction of the relationship I had with myself and the people in my life. It also changed my relationship with the world. I remember the safe feeling I felt in that training room. The warmth and love. It felt real!

The training would never have had that magic about it, if it weren’t for the incredible people quietly sitting behind us helping our lives unfold in a beautiful way. It’s a bit like an orchestra. The trainers are the conductors and the team are the musicians. Just like your life was changed, I invite you to be part of the magic that will change the lives of a room full of people. This includes yourself! No weekend is ever the same. We learn, we grow.

I invite you to be part of the next orchestra. Come connect with yourself and connect with others. Work on your relationship with yourself and as you start to feel safe and loved within, the connection with others start to bloom and prosper.

Life can be hectic and I have found in the past when I came back to team I end up feeling more balanced and grounded in a way. Things become a clearer. So I invite that for you.

Lots of love,



Why be on team?

More To Life courses offer practical skills that are designed to be used. Taking a support team role lets you practice what you learned alongside others who are also committed to developing their potential, even as you serve the growth process of the new students who are participating in the course. Senior More To Life Trainer Ann McMaster describes her own recommendations for getting the most out of your experience of Mastery of Self in Service.