SophieSophie Sabbage is the Managing Director of Interaction, a consultancy she established with Brad Brown, More To Life co-founder. She has pioneered the application of Brad’s work to the transformation of corporate attitudes, behaviour, performance and ethics for nearly twenty years.  Her company won the prestigious Guardian MCA Gold Award for Best Culture Change programme in 2004.

Sophie is also a founding fellow of Professor Bill Torbert’s Action Inquiry Fellowship, and partners Bill in various professional endeavours. She has a BA in English Literature and Psychology, did a Masters in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, and has studied numerous approaches to human development.   She has also written for the BBC and The Guardian, and is an award-winning public speaker.
As well as being an experienced Senior Trainer for More To Life, Sophie served on the International Board for several years, and designs new courses for the programme.  She is married with a young daughter, and lives in Kent.