As a certified More to Life coach I empower and support people to identify and create the important results they really want in their life. In doing so I support them to access and express their authentic selves and their deeper purposes, and also to become awake to what holds them back.

I am also a certified EFT Therapist (AAMET-ADV). Integrating More to Life processes in my healing work enhances my ability to facilitate people through deep inner transformation. This can result in profound emotional and even physiological healing.

In addition, I facilitate group workshops on the Power of Purpose, the Power of Self Esteem and the Power of Connection as a licensed Mentor of the More to Life program.

I have been a student of personal development and spiritual wisdom for over 35 years. Through applying the More to Life skills in my own life, my passion for “applied spirituality’ and my creative talents have manifested themselves in powerful ways.

After my first experience of the More to Life programme in 1999, radical changes began to take place in my life. I replaced my 20 year career as a graphic designer with my new vocation of life coach and alternative healer. As a performing musician and songwriter I experienced breakthroughs in my creativity and released two albums of original music.

Coaching others offers me profound learning about myself and magically connects me with myself, others and Life. I get to feel myself in the pain, the challenges and the triumphs of others. I open up more easily to the truth of interconnectedness, and my life expands. I feel awe and gratitude for the privilege I have in this work of living my life purpose.

My chosen purpose in life is to contribute to the evolution of the world by facilitating healing, positive change and personal growth in others as I engage in the process of my own growth and transformation.

I am married to Miriam – a gifted mother, artist and art therapist – and we are the proud parents of six children and a growing complement of grandchildren.

What clients have said about my coaching:

“Patience, calmness and wisdom. Ray has the ability to listen and I felt his strong presence and ‘for’ness for me and my situation”

“This opened up some new possibilities in my life, clearer goals… an eye on the bigger picture”

“I became aware of my behaviour in the situation – how I enable my partner to feel insecure by not sharing what is going on in my life. I left feeling a huge amount of compassion towards my partner and had new-found hope”

“Powerful intuition, genuine interest and curiosity, gentle but fearless ability to challenge and probe more deeply… deeply caring and insightful person.”

“Thanks again for your masterful coaching”

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