How it works

It makes you feel more part
of humanity, part of life, and its
huge diversity. It is a fabulous
thing to experience, and
something I am left wishing
the whole world could experience.

MTLW participant

The More To Life Weekend does not try to ‘motivate’ you to try harder, or achieve more. Instead it shows you how to free yourself from habits of thinking that stop you from responding creatively to the challenges that life brings you every day.

You may already be aware of limiting beliefs about yourself or others that prevent you from being all you can be. These may have been at work since childhood, to the point where they seem to be part of you.

The course helps you identify and challenge those beliefs, and correct them according to what your adult self knows to be true. The result is a deeper self-awareness, and the clarity to make choices that reflect your real wants and goals.

“Although listening to people does
facilitate compassion, what it really
did was help me become more
compassionate toward myself,
because I see that I am doing
exactly what they are doing

MTLW participant

All these techniques are simple, practical, and always under your control. Once mastered you can bring them to any life situation from family life to the workplace.

What you learn is summarised in a set of free audio CDs you can keep and use, and practice groups are available to help you deepen your new skills over time.

You will learn to:

  • clarify your daily decision-making and stay true to yourself
  • make creative choices in situations where options seem limited
  • practise self-forgiveness and resolve conflict in your relationships
  • connect with your deeper purposes and express them in what you do
  • keep generating new possibilities for yourself and others

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