What the course is like

Life today is full of pressure, with less and less time for personal connection. This course is structured to give you time: time to connect with yourself, time to reflect on the way your life has developed, and time to listen and learn from others.

Part of the weekend is spent simply listening to the experiences of other participants. With guidance from our committed and qualified course leaders, you learn from one another’s stories and apply the learning to your own personal circumstances.

“It is so lovely to have all walks of life, a whole cross-section, all ages, both sexes, like a little slice of humanity, all prepared to listen and forgive, no matter what you have said, forgive and help you understand that it was OK…”
MTLW participant

Another part is devoted to practising some radical new skills and techniques – you do this at your own pace, with help from members of a support team whenever you want it.

Finally, you work on developing new intentions and purposes for your life, with tools to support you to achieve your personal goals.

Participants say that the shifts of perspective they experience during this weekend continue to serve them in every significant aspiration they pursue.

It delivers a vision of life that will enrich your sense of purpose, transform your personal effectiveness, and generate a new and lasting sense of happiness and inner peace.

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