Aims and structure

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The More To Life Foundation is an educational charity which aims to source personal and social transformation through the empowerment of the individual.

Each of our courses is complete in itself, offering practical skills that can be applied in daily life as soon as the course is over.

We seek to empower people in all walks of life to contribute to the creation of a truly inheritable world. Over time, we have helped many tens of thousands of people to put their own highest values into practice in their lives, and transform the contribution they make to the communities and families of which they are a part.

Together our courses make up a programme that has been available to the public on a sponsored basis for over 30 years, as well as being offered through government agencies, private corporations, colleges of higher learning and educational institutions in 17 countries. You can see a short list of our partner organisations here.

In South Africa the More to Life Programme is administered by a non-profit organisation called The Kairos Foundation of South Africa. You can read more about our organisational structure here.