I have a vision of living in a connected society, where people have access to their full potential and power, and use it to connect with themselves, others and their environment with integrity and honesty.

As a licenced and practicing More to Life Coach, I have worked with clients on achieving various goals, including, entering into and or  improving relationships, identifying career opportunities, completing post-graduate studies, writing a book, weight loss, enhancing parenting skills, improving work performance, and more.

I work closely with my clients, supporting them to achieve the results they are striving for. We explore behaviours that might be getting in their way, and find ways to create change whilst acknowledging and enhancing their existing qualities.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“Mandy has the natural ability to make you feel special and safe.  I went to her because I knew she would help me to turn my anxiety and fears into creative opportunities.  She helped me to channel my thinking, to dig deeper and explore what I really wanted to be doing with my life. The results were wonderfully surprising!  I still refer back to the session, to give me direction.” Nicky

“This morning I had another amazing coaching session with Mandy. I chose her to coach me because I knew I was stuck, and I knew that I needed a safe space to dig deep, someone who could create a gentle space, and to be heard without judgement.

I got all of these things, but what I had forgotten about was Mandy’s professionalism, the depth of her wisdom, her spot-on intuition, and her clarity of insight. Even though there is more work for us to do together, I feel liberated after just one hour of our work, and I am so relieved and elated to have got unstuck. I recommend her coaching whole-heartedly and unreservedly.” Lisa

I am also a facilitator with many years of experience having worked in local government and in the private sector. I specialised in the field of reconciliation as a diversity practitioner and gender consultant, and have a background in community development. I have also facilitated focus group discussions on climate change adaptation, and conducted research in gender specific impacts of climate change.

I’m a teacher of the Power of Purpose and Power of Self Esteem courses which also form part of the More to Life Programme. I interact easily with people from all walks of life, and deeply appreciate hearing their stories. I have a young son, who teaches me much about life.

My family live around South Africa, in the United Kingdom and in Greece, and I love to spend time with them. I enjoy being outdoors and am privileged to live close to the mountain and the sea. Whilst my coaching and facilitation practice is based in Cape Town, I am able to travel for group workshops or trainings, and can coach telephonically or via skype anywhere in the world.

Mandy Antzoylatos
Address: Cape Town, South Africa
Mobile: +27 (0)84 200 9700
Skype: mandy.antz
Email: mandy.freedom44@gmail.com
Website: www.freedom44.co.za

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