When a friend recommended the More to Life Weekend to me, I had been working for an international financial consulting company for about 8 years. At 29 I felt dissatisfied with my career and my life in general but uncertain about what I wanted to do with my life.

After the course I was amazed and excited about seeing that the uncertainty was being created because of what I was believing and demanding of myself, creating conflicting thoughts that went unchecked. I was blown away by the impact of practical tools that helped me not only uncover these beliefs and demands, but find the truth amidst all of this and discern what it was that I really wanted to do.

A multitude of possibilities began to open up. As I continued to apply the tools and techniques of the programme in follow-up support classes, I found a new trust in myself and my abilities that led me, six months after the course, to resign from my job and start a financial consulting company of my own.

I now have connected with and follow a lifelong passion for personal and collective growth and transformation. I have found the tools taught by the More to Life Programme to be simple, dynamic, widely applicable depth chargers!

I have immense gratitude for what I have learned and how it helps me daily to find and live my passion, and express it in a way that fits for me – especially when challenging things happen. I am humbled to be able to pass these tools on to others.

Joanne Walsh qualified as a Capital Markets specialist, trading in bonds and currency, before starting a financial consulting business. She is an Associate Trainer with More To Life and has been a student of the programme since 1999.

She has served as a Field Programme Director, coordinating course work in three South African cities, and is a Mentor, teaching courses to individuals, in schools and in business. Her core business now includes life and personal coaching as well as diagnostic, change-management, and training work with corporations, NGO’s, government and other organisations.

Joanne is proud to be South African and is passionately committed to the process of social transformation in her country. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gym, squash, walking, entertaining friends and recently learned how to do alpine skiing.