Joanne Walsh qualified as a Capital Markets specialist trading in bonds before starting a financial consultancy. In 2004, after three years of building a solid business with several million dollars under management, Joanne sold her company to pursue her passion for people development.

Since 2006 Joanne has coached a diverse clientele in achieving balance and excellence through accessing their personal brilliance. This includes MD’s, directors, business owners, accountants, teachers, students, production workers, journalists, trainers and community workers.

Joanne is passionate about creating opportunities for herself and others to move beyond the familiar to embrace new possibilities.

Coaching References

Greg Arde – Deputy Editor, Independent Newspapers –
“A warm, empathetic and intelligent person, she has a keen understanding of business. She quickly assesses how individuals respond to their colleagues, customers, their organisations and competitors. Her approach is careful and considered, without being ponderous. She is unfailingly honest, which makes engagement with her thought provoking and meaningful. My sessions with Joanne were a joy. Her analysis was thorough and her guidance highly valued.”

South African Director of International Tertiary Institute –
“I gained valuable insight into how to deal with an extremely challenging series of events in my organisation that I have allowed to alarmingly compromise my self-esteem and personal authority. Joanne’s skill in listening and only responding when appropriate was so helpful. This allowed me to contextualise the challenges for both of us without being interrupted or ‘told’ things. Joanne’s strength is her complete commitment and undivided attention and compassion to the individual being coached. The significant benefit I got from the 4 sessions is testimony to Joanne’s skill. Joanne supported me during the most challenging and unpleasant 6 weeks of my career. I am so grateful for that and for her valuable time and skill.”

Rod Hartley – Executive in International Production Company –
“…Joanne has asked me questions which have led to new insights. She has given me tools to help me communicate more effectively. Joanne has taught me methods that have led me to enhanced decision making and enriched relationships. The positive impact of her coaching is being seen in all areas of my life. Joanne’s coaching is supportive and challenging. She communicates clearly and is flexible to adapt her methods if she sees you struggling to grasp a concept or idea. She does not give you the answers but through her coaching you reach your own answers to the questions or challenges you are facing. This gives you ownership of the solution and encourages follow through on identified actions.”

Adam Shapiro – Director, pilotfish digital –
“I have worked with Joanne for a number of years and have found the experience invaluable. She has an amazing ability to cut through the clutter and get to the root of the problem, no matter how deep that problem may be buried!”

Joanne Walsh, Durban, South Africa

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