The Power of Self Esteem

Self-esteem is an assessment of our own personal value or self-worth. Most people are unaware of it, but our happiness and personal effectiveness fluctuate with the level of our self-esteem. And, from an early age, our self-esteem gets confused with obtaining the respect and admiration of others.

The course allows you to change the way you assess yourself and your personal qualities, and unhook your self-esteem from your verdict on past performance, or even how you happen to be performing at the time. You learn to connect yourself with your real potential and create what you are capable of, instead of driving yourself with fears that add unnecessary and unproductive stress into the process.

One result is that you become more accepting of feedback, and more able to benefit from it. Another is that you develop a deeper and more real connection with your partners and learn to be with them in ways that help them access and enhance their own self-esteem.

The course is normally taught over six 3-hour sessions, and occasionally as a weekend course. You will receive free audio material which allows you to keep practicing the tools and techniques you learn between sessions, as well as after the course is over.

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