The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose explores the nature of personal effectiveness and shows you how to become aware of when you are really ‘on purpose’ and when you’re not.

At the core of the work is the insight that purpose is a product of what our goals really mean to us. You discover an essential difference between doing things because you think you should, and going for the results you really want.

As you uncover your inner motivation, you also discover how to move through other key distinctions, from proving yourself, or trying to avoid failure, to acting creatively in order to bring about a chosen result.

You harness the power of true intention and align it with everyday goals, so that you become not only more effective but also more fulfilled in the way you live.

This course helps you develop those life goals that matter most to you. And you’ll be able to use its techniques to support everything else you do in your life, from meeting business targets to creating the kind of personal relationships you really want to have.

The course is taught in various formats including six 3-hour sessions, and audio materials are available that will help you deepen your practice between each session, and continue it after the course is over.

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