Power of Connection

Connecting is not just a powerful skill. It helps you become a more fulfilled individual, a more caring friend, a more loving partner, a more successful parent, a more productive colleague and a more effective leader.

The techniques you learn in The Power of Connection will enhance all the relationships and partnerships in your life.

Our experience of our key relationships is often associated with difficult feelings from blame and resentment to jealousy and guilt. It’s not surprising that emotional distance and separation are seen as a normal, even inevitable part of relationship.

This course shows you how to release and let go of separating emotions, choose to express yourself clearly and develop effective exploration with your partners. The more you practice doing this, the more you will find you get in touch with the connecting feelings that make life worth living, from passion to compassion, from gratitude to satisfaction and joy.

The course is taught in several different formats, and you receive course materials that will help you deepen your practice between each session and after the course is over.  > Read more

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