Become a Mentor

The More To Life Mentor Program has been designed to offer you a direct way to pass on some of what you discovered to others.

Being a Mentor doesn’t mean you know everything. It just means you are someone who chooses to live your life in such a way that you share what you know with others. It also doesn’t mean setting yourself up as some kind of a model of perfection.

In fact what you model is the willingness to keep growing and learning from everything that happens to you.

Being a Mentor won’t require you to change your career or alter your way of living. But it could be the start of the most life-affirming and life-changing processes you have ever been involved in.

Becoming a Mentor is a training in itself. It starts with your own experience of the course you want to lead, followed by two weekend training courses. Both offer an environment of unconditional support where you get feedback and step up to challenges that will enable you to focus and develop the essential qualities that are you.

You will build on your personal strengths to become more and more skilled in truth-telling, in communicating, and in listening deeply to others. Then you enroll your own course and continue to learn, together with your students.

When you say yes to being a Mentor, you start to find that you have qualities you may never have really owned before. More and more, you will discover that you are not the person you thought you were, but someone bigger, more resourceful and more powerful.

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