I see it as part of my life’s purpose to be a facilitator of healing and change.I believe in the power and possibility of people creating results in their lives through the interplay of mind, body and spirit. As a practicing Physiotherapist  and Life coach I regard this as a practical concept , rather than an esoteric paradigm,that we can work with specific tools.
I have the privilege to practice being “here with you ” ,partnering, rather than believing that it is up to me to fix , prescribe or please.I learnt many of the skills and integrated the learnings from the More to Life training in 1997 and subsequent advanced courses, guided by people with wisdom and love ,and I am dedicated to sharing what I know with people wanting more from their lives.

Through multiple life changing events and themes in my own  life that require ongoing learning and practice of new behaviors, I am interested in coaching that draws out / strengthens resilience in the face of challenges e.g. of loss and grief; weight related issues including sabotaging behaviors; work-life balance, enhancing creativity  and  expanding resourcefulness.
…and while these are often not separate, there are a range of medical conditions to which coaching can apply and I can assist with my medical background e.g. chronic pain

I am a mentor in the small group trainings of Power of Self Esteem, Power of Purpose, and Power of Connection.
I have held leadership positions in several voluntary based organizations including our professional physiotherapy committee and local religious community.I am an artist and ever amazed at the emergence of my creativity especially when I am not attached to a result .

I love travel, seeing beautiful places , history and culture and especially spending time with people I care about .Music and reading also feature in my interest list but often due to the fullness of the other activities don’t get high priority!

Heide Block
Email : heideblockwow2010@gmail.com
Cell:     +27824142090
Skype: heide.block1

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