Focus Courses

Once you have completed your More To Life Weekend, further courses are available which focus on specific subjects and themes. This work helps you apply the tools and techniques you have learned to create profound shifts in areas of life where you want to develop your understanding and your effectiveness. Below is a description of Focus Courses that are available. Please contact your nearest centre for information and dates for the next course.

Behold the Spirit Connect with the power of the human spirit and discern the spiritual guidance that comes to you through everyday events.

Effective Parenting Explore the evolving communication required by children at different ages, and develop the approach that is appropriate to their developmental needs.

Making Money Count Discover the unconscious beliefs about money that determine your attitude to making, saving and investing money.

Opening the Heart Learn techniques to release anger and fear, and open yourself fully to the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the heart.

Relationships Practice a method for deepening your relationships by recognising and resolving the barriers we erect between one another.

Sexuality Connect more fully with the natural physical energies of the body and set sexual limits where you really want them to be.

Strengthening the Will Learn how will is actually formed, and discover how you can work with everything that happens to create results over time.

The Art of Joyful Living Bring joy into your life by embracing life exactly as it is, and develop your ability to participate fully in each moment, whatever it brings.

The Cutting Edge Explore the next steps in your growth by working on the current challenges that are coming to you in your life in present time.