DavidI grew up in a refugee family with an idealised story of community based on the one my parents had been born into in Vienna, then almost obliterated, but still very much alive in their minds. There was a deep mistrust of the world, yet a longing for something else.

A gifted English teacher right out of Dead Poets’ Society touched this vision again for me. And in the More To Life Programme I found it once more: a teaching about a way of being that deeply respects individual differences, yet evokes and celebrates the reality of our common humanity.

I saw the programme as a form of accelerated learning, one I needed for myself as a person, and wanted for the world around me. I still can think of few places outside a theatre or a place of transcendent natural beauty, where a more intense encounter with the truth of things can be found.

Over the years this work continues to connect me with the daily heroism of people’s lives. I see it as part of an evolving wave of creative energy in the world – one that helps us reclaim our social and spiritual nature and grasp the levers of change in a way that challenges the ways of the world, without adding to its suffering.


David Templer has been working with More To Life since 1984. He helped establish the London Centre, became the programme’s first UK Trainer, served on its first Executive Team, and on its International Board.

David has a background in communications and has read widely in philosophy and psychology. He gained an MA in English Literature at Cambridge University, and has worked as a writer and as an independent film-maker.

David worked closely with co-founder Brad Brown on course development and with his own writing, and is one of a few people accredited to create new material for the programme.

He has also been an editor in the publishing industry and currently runs Lifetimes Press, which publishes books and other material presenting More To Life principles.