BrocasFor me being a More To Life Trainer is about the mixture of being challenged and rewarded at the same time. Stretching to be all I can be at any moment, while training others to do the same is exciting,  satisfying, and unpredictable, the way life is itself, which requires me to be on my toes and living in the moment.

However, what got me interested in being a trainer in the first place is still a strong motivating factor for continuing to train: it is the impact this work has on people’s lives and the way people are in relationship to each other when they use it.

I grew up in South Africa, where the separation of one human being from another was written into the statute books. I had become despondent about my own ability to impact on what I saw as an incredible injustice. Through becoming a Trainer, I saw a way to have a direct and intimate impact in changing this dynamic: the possibility of people connecting as human beings became more and more real.

There are so many things that separate us, all over the world. Training people to connect means I too am required to look at what separates me from others as well as my more noble self. The goal is still to connect more with others, with the reality of life, just as it is, and with myself and my deepest wants as a human being – and to go after realising these too.


Brocas Walton has a degree in architecture, and spent the early part of his career in research and development to establish land rights, housing, and public facilities for displaced communities in South Africa. He published several papers about development and the environment.

Brocas was instrumental in bringing More To Life to South Africa in the late 1980s, where he taught our small group courses to groups of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. He is a Senior Trainer and served as Area Coordinator for South Africa.

His many adventures include piloting airplanes, and sailing a catamaran across the Atlantic Ocean. As well as training for More to Life, Brocas trains in organisations. He lives with his wife and two daughters in East Sussex.