I am a facilitator – I use many modalities to effect change – one-on one, in relationships, in a group or team.

The things which most excite me are transformation, collaboration and partnership and how we together reach our highest potential and live the extraordinary in our every day.

As an artist I am curious about creativity, and as creative beings we can consciously observe the mind, language and energy, so that we can direct and create the lives so that they are filled with more of the best of ourselves, more purposeful and more connecting.

The methodologies I use Include: Quantum Energy and More to Life Coaching, the Self Esteem, Purpose and Connection material of the More to Life, the de Bono Thinking Tools and diagnostic tools such as the Enneagram and iopener Science of Happiness@work.

Beth Mc Alpine:  mangobeth@gmail.com 
Mobile:  083 345 2538